Biella's Museum Network 2013

The project started with the positive experience of the Museum Network of Ivrea's Morenic Amphitheatre (AMI), set up in 2011 (map A).

Biella's Museum Network 2013, organized by the Elvo Valley and Serra Ecomuseum in collaboration with Biella's Ecomuseum includes 18 ecomuseums and small museums situated in 15 Villages in the province of Biella.

Encouraging the sharing of resources and aims between the private and public protagonists concerned, the project supports a uniform promotion of the heritage sites in the network with the involvement of 36 young museum operators specifically selected, trained and paid, who together with the people in charge of the sites guarantee continuous and organized visiting hours.

Besides the 18 sites of the Biella's Museum Network (in red) you can also find on this map the 4 sites of the Museum Network of Ivrea's Morenic Amphitheatre located in the biellese territory (in green).

The opening days and times of the 2 networks don't coincide and this is indicated on the back cover.