Cycling: The hills around Biella

The characteristic of this route is the beautul panorama on the plain starting from Sordevolo, a pleasant hill village in which every 4 years the passion of Christ is re-enacted. On this occasion the entire population transforms itself into a valid theatre company whose fame has reached all corners of Europe.
Another enchanting place, a visit to which is recommended, is the Castello di Zumaglia situated at the top of a hill in the midst of a stupendous with a varied collection of flowers

Km. Place Information
0,0 Biella - Departure in Via Lamarmora, opposite tourist information bureau (ATL), direction west. Recommended Car park: Biella station - Camper area with water supply and sewage disposal.
2,4 Occhieppo Inferiore - At traffic light: right towards Occhieppo Superiore.  
3,3 Occhieppo Superiore - Towards  Sordevolo.  
7,7 Towards Pollone. Panoramic road.
5,9 Sordevolo crossroads - At km 7.7 towards Pollone. A pleasant hill village in whose amphitheatre the Passion of Sordevolo takes place.
10,7 Pollone - Right. Beautiful panorama over the plain.
10,9 Right downhill. Parco Burcina Nature Reserve.
11,4 Towards Biella.  
12,1 Biella-Vandorno - At km 13.7 turn left towards Pralungo. Pay attention at km 15:dangerous crossroads; turn right towards Biella city. At km 15.1: fountain.
13,7 Left towards Prolungo.  
15,0 Right towards Biella; immediately afterwards left towards Pralungo. Dangerous crossroads. Fountain
15,7 Pralungo - At km 16.4, at traffic lights continue straight on towards Tollegno. At km 16.6 right, still towards Tollegno.  
16,4 Straight on towards Tollegno.  
16,6 Right  
17,6 Tollegno  
18,2 Left; at next roundabout right towards Andorno.  
20,3 Straight on for Andorno  
20,7 Right towards Callabiana.  
25,0 Right towards Pettinengo.  
28,6 Right towards Zumaglia.  
31,3 Left towards Ronco.  
42,7 Ronco Biellese
Left towards Valdengo.
At Km 40.3 detour for  Brich di Zumaglia Nature Reserve.
At Ronco Ecomuseo dedicated to Terracotta
45,6 Right towards Valdengo-Vigliano  
49,5 Right towards Ronco  
52,0 Left towards Biella  
54,0 Right towards Biella  
56,9 Biella - arrival Arrival in Via Lamarmora - ATL

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Elvo - Occhieppo Inferiore - Occhieppo Superiore - Pollone - Sordevolo - Biella e Valle Oropa - Biella - Pralungo - Valle Cervo - Andorno Micca - Tollegno - Brich di Zumaglia e Collina Biellese - Selve Marcone - Pettinengo - Ronco Biellese - Ternengo - Valdengo - Vigliano Biellese - Zumaglia
Itinerary type: Bicycle
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Path length: 56.9
Height difference (meters), descent: 433
Time run: 3 hours 15 min.
Difficulty: Bicycle medium