The Biella district Eco-Museum


The Biella district Eco-Museum is made up of 15 cells and various local Institutional bodies whose aim is to keep alive the local history and traditions of the area as well as identifying new ways of development for the local area respecting nature and using local traditions.

The System of the Biella District Eco-Museums

Candelo: Viticulture Eco-Museum ()
Cossato: Eco-Museum of the Cossato and Baraggia Districts ()
Rosazza: The Rosazza Museum House ()
Ronco Biellese: The Terracotta Eco-Museum ()
Pray: The Factory of the wheel ()
Mezzana Mortigliengo: The Museo lab of Mortigliengo ()
Soprana: Ex mill "Susta" ()
Muzzano, Fr. Bagneri: The Eco-Museum of mountain life ()
Sordevolo,La Trappa: The Eco-Museum for traditional construction ()
Zubiena, Fr.Vermogno: Museum of gold and the Bessa ()
Officine di Netro: The Netro Eco-museum of ironwork ()
Fucina Morino di Mongrando: The Mongrando Eco-museum of Ironwork()
Biella: Cittadellarte - Pistoletto Foundation ()
Trivero: Ecomuseo del Biellese - Oasi Zegna ()
Salussola: The Museum lab of Gold and Stone ()

Promoted in 1996 by the Province of Biella, recognized in 2000 by the Piedmont Region, the Ecomuseum of the Biellese is part of the network of 17 Ecomuseums in Piedmont.
Routes to the discovery of local traditions and ancient crafts, educational activities, demonstrations, guided tours, research, collections, archives and photographs, and reconstructed natural environments: different ways of approaching to the Ecomuseum and better understand the area and local history.

Opening times of the cells, details and references on the site:

Ecomuseo del Biellese
Provincia di Biella - Assessorato alla Cultura
Via Quintino Sella 12 - 13900 Biella
tel. 015 8480897 - fax 015 8480740