GTA Stage 15: From “Rivetti” Refuge to “S.Giovanni d'Andorno” Sanctuary

A stage requiring a walk of about 3 hours and a half which leads down to the pastures of "Lavazei", "Pianel", "Anval" and "La Monta" as far as Piedicavallo; from here, via the "Sella di Rosazza", it continues towards Rosazza and later along a mule track and arrives at the Sanctuary of "San Giovanni d'Andorno".

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Cervo - Andorno Micca - Campiglia Cervo - Piedicavallo - Rosazza
Itinerary type: Excursion
Means of transport type: By foot
Start: Rifugio Rivetti (2.150 m)
Arrival: Santuario di San Giovanni d'Andorno (1.020 m)
Path length: 14.90
Height difference (meters), descent: 604
Height difference (meters), descent: 1645
Time run: 7 hours 40 min.
Difficulty: Trekking medium