Cycling: Rice and Castles

This route is easy and flows well. It crosses characteristic zones  such as the "Natural Reserve of the Baraggia" defined as the European Savanna, and rice fields with their characteristic birdlife.  Along the way there are four castles which are each worth a visit for a plunge into the past. On clear days one has an excellent view of the Biellese Alps and the beginning of the morainic plateau known as the Serra.

Km. Place Information
0,0 Biella –Departure opposite the Pizzeria La Lucciola in Station Square direction south.
At first roundabout: left towards Candelo - Ricetto
Biella car park station. Equipped for camping cars  water supply and sewage facilities
4,1 Candelo - P.zza del Ricetto
Follow direction for  Castellengo, Via Roma.
Medieval Ricetto (collective fortification for protection of people, animals and crops) dating from 13th Century. Walk in the Baraggia Natural reserve. Fountain.
10,3 Follow main road SP 307 for Mottalciata. Detour to Castellengo Castle and Castellengo Ecomuseum.
14,5 Mottalciata - Go straight on, cross crossroads then SS 232 on left. Then turn right for Canton Juli. Paddy fields and typical birdlife.
16,7 Castelletto Cervo
Cross the concrete ford on the river Cervo. Immediately after the ford turn è right towards Buronzo.
After the ford on the Cervo detour to Castaletto Cervo Castle. Extension of rice fields with typical Birdlife.
17,6 Towards Buronzo  
21,0 Buronzo
Follow SS. 62  towards Vercelli–Santhià.
Panorama of the Biellese Alps and, to the west the sharp line of the moraine known as the Serra.
26,6 Roundabout: towards Carisio  
29,1 Roundabout: towards Salussola-Arro Extension of rice fields.
37,9 Salussola
Underpass turn left for Salussola. At the following roundabout go towards Vercelli.
38,3 After the bridge over the river Elvo turn right towards Cerrione. Fountain at the crossroads for Cerrione.
42,6 Cerrione
turn right towards Biella
Detour uphill in  Cerrione for Cerrione Castle and the Bessa Nature Reserve.
44,6 Turn left towards Ponderano-Biella.  
53,0 Biella - Turn right and go straight on.  
54,5 Biella - Arrival. Arrival at Biella railway station San Paolo. Fountain in Camper area.

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Biella e Valle Oropa - Biella - Zona Colline Orientali - Viverone, Serra e Bessa - Baraggia e Pianura - Castelletto Cervo - Cossato - Mottalciata - Cerrione - Salussola - Candelo - Ponderano - Sandigliano
Itinerary type: Bicycle
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Path length: 54.5
Height difference (meters), descent: 360
Time run: 3 hours
Difficulty: Bicycle easy