Cycling: The wine and wool routes

The title of this route mirrors the zones it crosses, area imbued with textile culture which have Biella textiles famous in the world. It's worthwhile coming back to visit the factory shops which offer the highest quality in the clothing sector. A peculiarity of the final stretch of the route is the presence of wine producers who produce an excellent wine known as Bramaterra, a full-bodied red wine which is often present on the tables of wine-lovers. The undergrowth is very generous during the autumn season of mushroom picking.

Km. Place Information
0,0 Cossato – Depart from Piazza della Stazione Left and left again at first roundabout towards  Quaregna Cossato station car park – Via Pajetta
1,1 Quaregna -Right towards Valle San Nicolao-Vallanzengo  
6,6 Right towards Valle San Nicolao.  
7,0 Valle San Nicolao  
10,0 Campore - Left towards Vallemosso and then towards Trivero.  
11,3 Vallemosso Textile factory shops.
13,9 Crocemosso - Towords Valsesia. Tunnel. Right towards Mezzana.  
16,2 Soprana - Left towards Cerreia. Panoramic road.
17,1 Straight on and then left towards Baltigati.  
18,9 Right towards Curino.  
25,3 Curino - Right towards  Brusnengo At km 26,7: Laghetto della Gabella. (lake)
29,9 Brusnengo - Towards Masserano  
33,0 Masserano - Right towards Masserano and then Left towards Lessona. Medieval village and Palazzo dei Principi.
37,8 Lessona - Left and then right towards Cossato.  
39,4 Cossato -At traffic lights right towards Biella and at roundabout left towards Vercelli.  
41,1 Cossato Station-arrival Arrival at Station in Via Pajetta.

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Di Mosso - Biellese Orientale e Rive Rosse - Brich di Zumaglia e Collina Biellese - Zona Colline Orientali - Valle Mosso - Trivero - Curino - Soprana - Strona - Quaregna - Vallanzengo - Valle San Nicolao - Brusnengo - Cossato - Lessona - Masserano
Itinerary type: Bicycle
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Path length: 41.3
Time run: 2 hours 30 min.
Difficulty: Bicycle medium