Cycling: Around Lake Viverone

A beautiful route beside the lake where one can stop often to admire the surrounding countryside.
You cycle little roads between kiwi orchards which are typical of this zone and vineyards which produce grapes used to make Erbaluce wine which is excellent with desserts. The various restaurants on the banks of the lake invite one to make a culinary stop with the whole family.

Km. Place Information
0,0 Viverone – start of one-way system on lakeside Car park on side of lake
1,4 Right towards Torino  
3,2 Left towards Morzano - Roppolo Narrow road
6,6 Cavaglià - left onto state road  
7,5 Right for Roppolo View of Roppolo Castle
8,5 Roppolo - towards Castello Enoteca Regionale della Serra
8,6 Right towards Castello - Salomone  
9,3 Right towards Salomone Splendid roads in the woods
10,7 Right towards  Dorzano  
12,2 Dorzano - Left SP 417  
14,7 Left towards Salussola monte  
15,4 Straight on and the immediate left towards Prelle - Zimone  
21,0 Zimone - Left Woods and vineyards
24,8 Right leave main road  
25,4 Left towards Viverone  
29,5 Viverone - Right for lakeside road  
29,7 Arrival on lakeside road  

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Viverone, Serra e Bessa - Cavaglià - Dorzano - Roppolo - Salussola - Viverone - Zimone
Itinerary type: Bicycle
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Path length: 29.7
Height difference (meters), descent: 490
Time run: 1 hour 45 min.
Difficulty: Bicycle easy