MTB through Donato: Blue Itinerary

Donato - Piane - Gre - Ceresito - Donato

Part of this itinerary is the same as the yellow itinerary.
Starting from the square in front of the town hall you take the provincial road in the direction of ‘Andrate'. After about 800 m. take the asphalt road which takes you to the ‘Ruscello' hamlet. Continue , first on an asphalt road and then on a dirt road following the ‘Viona' torrent, which you cross at the ‘Ponte vecchio'(old bridge). From here you ascend on a dirt track until you reach a crossroads near an abandoned house.(2.5 Km, 15 mins.)Turn left here and cross the field. Pass another farmhouse and enter again into the woods . You will then reach an asphalt road which connects ‘Croce Serra' and ‘Sala Biellese' ( 3.5 Km, 20 mins.)
Cross this road and take the path which follows the crest of the ‘Serra' hill , continuing on for a few hundred metres before returning to the asphalt road. Turn left and continue on this road until you reach the 'Croce Serra' castle.( 5 km, 30 mins.)Cross the provincial road for ‘Andrate' and here take the path which ascends in front of you and leads through the woods to a  TV repeater station. After about fifty metres take the path which ascends on the right until you get to another asphalt road, near the crossroads with the ‘Tracciolino' road ( 6.5 Km, 43 mins.)Take the ‘Tracciolino' road and follow it until you reach a road which ascends on the left.(7 Km, 46 mins.)Take this road until the junction with the ‘Piane' road.( 8 Km, 1 hour 5 mins.)Turn left here following the asphalt road leaving behind the yellow itinerary.
You continue along the dirt road (with short sections of asphalt) where , after a long and difficult ascent , you reach the junction for ‘Alpe Gre'.(10.7 Km, 1 hour 40 mins.) Here you continue along the road that slowly descends towards ‘Alpe Gre'. This road offers beautiful panoramic views and , at about 1,500 m.a.s.l. , you reach a mountain pasture.( 11.6 Km, 1 hour 48 mins.)Crossing the courtyard of the pasture's farmhouse you continue for a few hundred metres through a rocky area where it is necessary to carry your bike. You then arrive at the ‘Cascina dell'Alpone' farmhouse. (11.8 Km, 1 hour 53 mins.)From here head towards the water container and begin your descent. (12.5 Km, 2 hours) The beginning of this descent is quite tricky and dangerous (very steep with loose rocks) but , after this first section , the going gets better and you can increase your speed. Later on the road becomes asphalted and you continue on this until you reach the ‘Tracciolino' road.(15 km, 2 hours 7 mins.) Cross the road here and take the road which descends towards ‘Netro' and ‘Ceresito'. You will then arrive at the picnic area of ‘Ceresito'.( 17.4 km, 2 hours 18 mins.) After 300 metres turn right ( 17.7 km, 2 hours 19 mins.)onto a dirt road which then turns into a road of large stone slabs. This road takes you to the ‘Ceresito' church (18.2 km, 2 hours 20 mins.) Here take the provincial road in the direction of ‘Donato' and after about 300 metres , turn left onto the road (part of the red itinerary) which takes you back to ‘Donato'. (19.7 km, 2 hours 30 mins.)

Destination: Donato - Valle Ingagna - Netro
Altitude: 697 m.
Itinerary type: Mountain bike
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Start: Donato
Arrival: Donato
Path length: 19.7
Height difference (meters), descent: 800
Time run: 2 hours 30 min.
Difficulty: Mountain bike to expert