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The aim of the Italian Alpine Club is to foster mountaineering in all its forms including a knowledge and study of the mountains and the protection of their natural environment.


The mountains, which form Biella's northern and north-western sector , are the southern continuation of the Pennine Alps. This mountain chain, a truly spectacular sight and a backdrop to all local scenery, is surely the image which best represents our district. 
These mountains have particular features which distinguish them from all other alpine areas. They are located in such an advantageous position that , with just one glance , we can view the entire Padana Plain on one side and all the Western and Central Alps on the other.
They are wild mountains but easily accessible and they offer a little of everything, ranging from highly-equipped trails to adventure routes and from totally pristine wilderness to the numerous vie ferrate (fully equipped routes, completely secured by handrails, ladders, cables, bridges and life-lines).
Among the many important peaks are those of "Tre Vescovi" (2,501m.), "Bo" (2,556m.) and "Monte Mars" (2,600m.).
In winter, heavy snowfalls and particular climatic conditions , which act favourably on the snow, make it a true paradise for ski-mountaineering.