MTB through Donato: Red Itinerary

Donato - Lace - Castellazzo - Ceresito - Donato

The following itinerary has identification signposts consisting of wooden poles with red arrows. It is not a difficult tour and is suitable for all abilities. This particular tour is unique as it not only goes through woods and mountains but also takes in small villages and hamlets, giving you a feeling for the life of this area.

Starting from the square in front of the town hall, take the Provincial road towards ‘Andrate' until you get to the bridge crossing the ‘Viona' river. (a new bridge 1.8 Km, 15 mins.)
Cross the bridge and after the bend turn left onto a dirt track (please go over the chain which blocks this road for motor vehicles)and carry on until you reach a crossroads.(3 Km, 22 mins.)  Turn left here, cross the ‘ponte vecchio',(old bridge) and get to the provincial road.(4.5 Km, 27 mins.) Carry on into Donato on part of the same road used before, but this time in the opposite direction. Just after a sharp left hand bend, turn right onto a small asphalted road.
Carry on along the asphalted road through the small village and follow the signs along the way until you reach the ‘delle coste' road. Continue on this road until you reach the provincial road. Cross the provincial road and ascend towards the left and then take the first dirt road on the right.(‘Reg.Bose' 7 Km, 37 mins)
Carry on until you reach another crossroads with another provincial road. Continue on the right and after a few metres bear left following the signs for ‘Reg. Grangia'.(Grangia region) (7.8 Km, 40 mins.)
After a short descent turn right, and after about 200 m. at the fork keep right. (8 Km, 40.3 mins.) When the track narrows and goes through the trees, turn left, (9 Km. 45 mins.) to reach the asphalted road again. (9.5 Km, 48mins.) Turn left here and follow the provincial road until you get to the aqueduct building. Here take the dirt road on the left in front of the aqueduct.(10 Km, 50 mins.) Descend on this dirt track until you reach a crossroads ;(10.9 Km, 52.3 mins.) turn left and carry on until you encounter a new crossroads where you turn right,( 12 Km. 57 mins.) and descend to the bridge crossing the ‘Ingagna'.(12.2 Km, 58 minutes)From the bridge start a steep ascent that takes you to a little church (12.7 Km, 1h3mins turn left and carry on along the steep ascent that will take you to ‘Castellazzo'.(warning : very demanding ascent!) As soon as you reach the first houses in Castellazzo, turn right at the first crossroads and then left to the town square.( 13.4 Km, 1h10mins.)
At the town square turn left onto the old road towards Donato. Continue until you reach the provincial road again, (14.6 Km, 1h17 mins.) Go through the ‘Ceresito' hamlet and take the first road on the left.(15.2 Km, 1h22 mins.) Carry on until you return to Donato. (16.7 Km, 1h30 mins.)

Destination: Mongrando - Viverone, Serra e Bessa - Donato - Netro - Valle Ingagna
Altitude: 697 m.
Itinerary type: Mountain bike
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Start: Donato
Arrival: Donato
Path length: 14
Height difference (meters), descent: 300
Time run: 1 hour 30 min.
Difficulty: Mountain bike medium