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"Prehistoric stilt villages of the Alpine arc": LAKE VIVERONE, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE
As part of the "Prehistoric stilt villages of the Alpine arc" the archeological site of Viverone has come under the protection of the United Nations.
The site is protected by water at a depth of 2- 3 meters, and is found between Viverone and Azeglio just near the border of the two provinces of Biella and Turin and at 70 meters from the only artificial outflowing river of the lake, in a marsh area of fields and poplars. The site consists of more than 5,000 poles that hold together the structure of this great village which is approximately 70 meters in diameter.
The area around the site is a fascinating marsh land of fields and poplars is and under the environmental protection of the Italian and European laws.
The village is a great example of a from bronze age stucture. Huts, fences, paths, were all in wood and the remains allows us today to rebuild it as it was. In the inside of the village there were homes, fences and animals. It is important to remember that stilt homes were not built on the water but along the bank of the lake, the floors were raised to protect them from humidity and unexpected floods. During the research a great number of artifacts were found (swords, axes, brooches and other ornaments). These allow us to reconstruct the history of the bronze age, between 1650 and 1350 B.C. These artifacts can be seen today in the museums of Turin and Biella.
The Royal Savoy Residences and the Sacred Mount together with the recognition of the "Prehistoric stilt villages of the Alpine arc", means that Piedmont now has 3 cultural sites on the Unesco World Heritage list.

The archeological artifacts can be seen at:

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Viverone, Serra e Bessa - Biella - Viverone
Altitude: 230 m.
Type: Art-Culture - Nature - Architecture