Only when we are immersed in nature can we experience the magic of an enchanted world, rich in colour and sound and where, whilst respecting the local environment, we can discover the beauty of unspoilt places, perhaps under a blanket of fresh snow.
Put on a pair of cross-country skis and discover for yourself the wide range of excursions that are possible along spectacular slopes and trails


For cross-country skiing, Bielmonte offers 20km of trails which are constantly groomed and are suited to all techniques. The two points of departure, which are connected, are “Bocchetto Sessera” - a fully-equipped cross-country centre- and Bielmonte’s “Piazzale Due” or Square Two. There is an exciting, 40km itinerary available to lovers of cross-country tours, which leads through the echoing silence of Upper “Valsessera” and into Valsesia.

“Bocchetto Sessera” Cross-country Skiing Centre:
The trails of the “Bocchetto Sessera” Cross-country Centre are between 1,200 and 1,500m in altitude and all facing north-west. This means that the snow is excellent and lasts throughout the entire winter.
The Centre is reserved for members and is equipped with heated changing rooms, showers and toilets, a ski-waxing room and a roof-area with tables and benches for refreshments. The trails are constantly groomed and kept in good shape by the Circle of Friends of Cross-country Skiing. All have tracks as well as space for skating. Some are approved trails and are prepared, on request, for competitions.
The cross-country tourist trails cover all of Upper “Valsessera” and after 20km they join up with the skiing district of “Alpe di Mera” in Valsesia.
Cross-country ski-instructors hold courses for groups as well as giving individual lessons.
Skis and equipment can be hired locally.

The trails of the “Bocchetto Sessera” Cross-country Centre are part of the Bielmonte skiing district.
Two restaurants and bars are located at the point where the trail begins and, along the trail itself, there are eco-tourist facilities where refreshment is available.
Access to the cross-country trail is at “Bocchetto Sessera” (50-vehicle car-park) and at “Piazzale Due” in Bielmonte (300 vehicles).


Slopes Information
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The Pietro Micca Association operates a 5km cross-country circuit in Oropa, among the meadows and woods which surround the new Basilica.

“Paradiso” Trail
Teaching area
1ST circuit 1km
2nd circuit 2kms
3rd circuit from 3kms
4th circuit from 5kms
5th circuit from 8kms


Oropa Sanctuary: 
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“Scuola Italiana Sci” Ski-School: 
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