The Ecomuseum of mountain culture

A community that hasn't been forgotten!

The small village of Bagneri, at 900 m bears witness to the work of generations of mountain dwellers who gradually transformed the original environment. The association "Friends of Bagneri" is committed to keeping alive this small community with the supportive actions of the few inhabitants, linking the recovery of cultural material to the emergence of new hand-crafted activities.You can reach Bagneri from the Tracciolino SP512 road (5 kilometers east of Bossola), or from the SP511 road between Muzzano and the Sanctuary of Graglia (the last 10 minutes on foot for both the routes).

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Ingagna - Muzzano
Altitude: 907.0 m.
Type: Art-Culture - Museum


Frazione Bagneri - 13895 Muzzano (BI)
Phone: + 39 349 2958689