The Graglia sanctuary - Museum site of popular religiousness

The "Sacro Monte"... that doesn't exist

The "Sacro Monte" of Graglia was conceived by the parish priest Nicolao Velotti in 1615 who planned the construction of a devotional path consisting of 100 chapels representative of the whole sacred history. His successors were devoted to the building of a great sanctuary around the station of the Annunciation - one of the few ones built - dedicated to the Lady of Loreto. Besides the sanctuary and the heritage site it guards, it's possible to visit some of the unfinished chapels along the devotional path which leads to the church of San Carlo, on the hill with the same name.

Destination: Baraggia e Pianura - Provincia di Biella - Verrone
Type: Art-Culture - Architecture - Museum - Castle


Santuario di Graglia
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