The "Trappa" of Sordevolo - Ecomuseum of constructive tradition

An open building site

The "Trappa" (Trappist monastery) built in the second half of the 18th century by the  wool manufacturers Ambrosetti, was inhabited between 1796 and 1802 by a community of Trappist monks on the run from revolutionary France. The "Trappa" association links the research on the origins and construction of the monastery to active conservation of the Alto Elvo environment, defining new ways to restore the rural architecture. You can get there from the Tracciolino SP512 road (8 kilometres west of the Oropa Sanctuary -  the last 10 minutes on foot), or from Sordevolo (60 minutes on foot).

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Elvo - Sordevolo
Altitude: 1014.0 m.
Type: Art-Culture - Museum


La Trappa - 13817 Sordevolo (BI)
Phone: +39 349 3269048