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Novareia Sanctuary

Located in the town of Portula, on the slopes of Monte Civetta. Dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie, it is known for its traditional "festival of cyclamens", which is held every year on the last Sunday of July. An incredible amount of these flowers, along with many others, grow wild in this still uncontaminated corner of Paradise. The church, with its single nave and wide colonnade, was built in the XVIII century. The statue of the Madonna is a beautiful piece by Auregio-Termine, and the wood pulpit, the main altar with balaustrade and some important 19th C. paintings are all worth taking a look at. There is also an interesting granite fountain found in the church courtyard.

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Medio Sessera - Portula
Altitude: 750.0 m.
Type: Art-Culture - Places of cult - Architecture - Arts and the Environment - Sanctuary



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