Santuario della Brughiera

Sanctuary of Brughiera

Located in the enchanting "Zegna Oasis" in the green village of Brughiera, from where it got its name, the little old church preserves many frescos and a wooden table that portrays the Virgin (XVIII C.). The second church (end of XVII C.) was built to house the growing number of pilgrims. The Renaissance-inspired facade, the triple-nave iinterior with its frescoed octagonal apse, the frescoed walls and vault of the presbitery, the high altar and the baroque floral motives that enrich the interior all add up to make the Brughiera Sanctuary a little jewel to visit. The church-square is quite charming with its explosion of plants and flowers, as are the surroundings, where pilgrims often stop for a picnic.

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Valle Di Mosso - Trivero
Altitude: 808.0 m.