Santuario di Oropa

The Sanctuary of Oropa

The Sanctuary of Oropa is a place pervaded by a deep sense of religious faith which is still particularly alive, having taken root during six centuries of popular devotion: here come 800.000 pilgrims and more than 100 pilgrimages each year.
Its valuable artistic heritage includes the Royal Staircase, the old Basilica, the New Church and many works of art among wihich there is the well-known wooden statue of the Black Virgin.
Oropa is also an oasis of unpolluted nature and a paradise for tourists and sportsmen thanks not only to its many paths good for walking and trekking but also to its alpine refuges and its cablecar that gets to the charming Lake Mucrone and to the ski resort of the same name.

The statue of the Black Virgin is the very symbol of the Sanctuary: it is to her that the pilgrims flocking to Oropa every day address their prayers. Simple and majestic, it is kept in the Old Basilica, in "sacellum" decorated with beautiful 14th century frescoes. The second church was consacrated in 1960 after 2 centuries' work and plans: it has a dome more than 80 metres high, stands at about 1.200 m. above sea level and can hold 3.00 worshippers.

DThe cultural and artistic heritage of Oropa is unique and includes not only the 18th century Royal Gate designed by Juvarra and the Royal Apartments of the Savoia but also the Library full of old volumes, the collection of church ornaments and jewels and the two ex-voto galleries.
Besides, near the Sanctuary is the Sacro Monte: 19 chapels showing the life of the Virgin, with hundreds of multicoloured statues. It is possible to book guided tours.

Walking, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, ski touring, cross-country skiing... many are the sports activities that Oropa provides. Besides a wide range of accomodation, there are also 13 restaurants, many shops of different kind and bars. What's more, in Oropa tourism and nature are one and the same: in addition to a large number of excursions ranging from easy to most difficult and departing from the Sanctuary, there is a Botanic Garden opened by the WWF.

A cable car takes you from Oropa to the Savoia Refuge from where you can either get on foot to lake Mucrone, or reach Mount Camino by a small cable car.

lnformation: 015 25551200
Holy Masses:
weekdays h. 7/9/10:30/16:30;
holidays h. 16:30/18.15;
saturday h. 7/9/10:30/18:15

New Church:
holidays h. 11.30/16.30

Guided tours: 015 25551200
Royal Apartments, Library, Sacro Monte, Ex-voto Gallery, basilica Antica, meteorological and seismographical Observatory.

Reception: 015 25551200
Cablecars: 015 2455929
Ski school: 015 2455902
Botanic garden: 015 2523058
"Nus" project: 015 8495131

From Biella: Km 11,7 (s. s. n° 114)
From Vercelli: Km 52,9 (s. s. n° 230)
From Torino: Km 86,4 autostrada A4 Torino-Milano, uscita Santhià (s. s. n° 143)
From Milano: Km 111.5 autostrada A4 Torino-Milano, uscita Carisio (s.s. n° 230)

Railway line Santhià-Biella, station of Biella (Ph. 147 88088);
Buses departing from the station of Biella, line n° 2 (Ph. 015 8408117)

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Biella e Valle Oropa - Biella
Altitude: 1154.0 m.
Type: Art-Culture - Shopping - Congress - Places of cult - Architecture - Arts and the Environment - Sanctuary