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The wines
of Upper Piedmont

The wine routes, food and wine itineraries in Piedmont

The Northern provinces (Biella, Vercelli, Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola) share an extraordinary heritage strictly bound to their territory: wine. Terroirs extremely different from one another, from Mount Rosa to rice fields, with different soils, give unique characteristics to the wines that are made here. Thus creating a taste way that enhances the DOC and DOCG wines but also the historical, artistic and traditional excellences of these places based on the Nebbiolo wine variety.

From the vineyards of these four territories are produced prestigious wines well known all over the world: the DOCG wines GATTINARA, GHEMME, ERBALUCE; the DOC wines: BOCA, BRAMATERRA, COLLINE NOVARESI, COSTE DELLA SESIA, FARA, LESSONA, SIZZANO and the most recent DOC wines VALLI OSSOLANE.


In the Biellese stand out two wine areas growing mainly Nebbiolo and Erbaluce, called Coste della Sesia and Canavese, well known for their historical villages such as Vigliano and Castellengo, and for the renowned DOC wines Bramaterra and Lessona.

You can go and discover this territory by combining tasting and buying typical products, staying in small villages that are precious exclusive places. Go towards the Serra Hill, the longest moraine in Europe, the fine natural boundary between Biellese and Canavese, and walking along its ridge you can admire amazing views as far as you reach Lake Viverone. A lot of small winemakers await you to let you taste their local DOC wines, Erbaluce  and Canavese.

Towards the hills of Eastern Biellese, in a succession of small villages, vineyards and hills, you can find farms and holiday farms as well as historical country houses recentrly opened for visits. There you can stay and taste the other DOC wines produced in this extremely green area of Biellese: Bramaterra, Lessona and Coste della Sesia.

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