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From the car park, cross the picnic area and reach the wide clearing where you will find the "Fontana del Buchin", a modern adaptation in the form of a rectangular basin that collects water from the spring that gushes out of the ground a short distance away. The path soon climbs to the Upper Terrace. Immediately to the left is the site of the stele discovered in 1997, presumably dating back to the second Iron Age (4th-2nd century B.C.) and now kept at the headquarters of the Reserve Management Authority in Cerrione.
The route continues on mixed terrain of pebbles and patches of trees, where frequent outcrops of moraine soil testify to the sparse and irregular consistency of the mounds, which tend to thin out as you progress towards the end of the plateau.
After a series of modest increases in altitude, you reach a signposted detour that leads to a panoramic point from which you can enjoy a wide view of the pebble mounds, the imposing morainic chain of the Serra, the Biella Alps and the summit of Monte Rosa.
Returning to the main route, you will soon reach the crossroads with the "Mezza Bessa" road. It is believed that this road, which for a long stretch follows the apex of the dividing line between the Olobbia and Elvo slopes, is one of the few remains (transformed and filled in) of the canal that, coming from the Viona torrent, fed the numerous branches of the auriphodine washing plants.
The route continues to the left on the small road bordered by heather bushes, until you reach the fountain of the "roc dj pé", where you turn left again, starting out along the way back, leaving on the right the remains of a settlement with deep ditches and remains of walls. A little further on you leave the wood, climbing up a pronounced straight hump in an open and panoramic environment, then, descending again through areas of woodland and clearings, you return to the car park.

Route subject to enhancement with the funds of the PSR 2007-2013, Measure 313, Action 1.

Location: Cerrione (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

Means of transport: On foot

Length(km): 2.18

Uphill height difference(m): 31

Travel time: 2 hours

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