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Trail running
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This 22 km. itinerary leads from the centre of Biella, where part of the first kilometres of the flat route run on the characteristic "sampietrini" (cobblestones), to the top of Monte Camino, which can be reached along a path through the green of the mountain rhododendrons and the grey colour of the rock.
The route also crosses Oropa, the site of the most important and grandiose Sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna, located at 1180 meters.


Event Type:

“Sky race” route


G.S.A. Pollone (Alpine Sports Group Pollone)




Monte Camino

Intermediate locations:

Gorgomoro, Cossila, Vandornina, Gallinit ( Refreshment), Favaro le Cave (Refreshment), Oropa Bagni (Refreshment), Tracciolino (Refreshment), Oropa  Cableway (intertempo), Le Pisse (Refreshment), Oropa Cableway Station (Refreshment), Il Gendarme (Refreshment).


22 Km

Overall gradient:

2000 m. uphill (390 - 2.391)




The start is in Piazza Unità d'Italia in front of the Province building in the city centre at 390 m above sea level. The first 2 km, entirely flat, develop partly on asphalt and partly on the "sampietrini" that characterize the paving of the main streets of Biella. Leaving the heart of Biella, the competitors take the path that runs along the Oropa stream and the "Gorgo Moro", a large natural pool so deep that the water in it seems to be black. After 3.5 km, turn left onto a steep path through chestnut trees that leads to the main road to Oropa, in Buffarola in Cossila. The asphalt road goes on for about one kilometre uphill and then turn left again onto the path leading to Vandornina (short stretch with a steep descent of about 200 m). Near the Bolume stream ford, the sign of the 5th km. Coming out of Vandornina path there is the 1st refreshment point, near the beginning of the climb on the east side of the Burcina park, and then continue on asphalt, for about 2 km up to the village of Favaro, Prussiana locality, where there is the 8th km. Here athletes face another steep stretch of path cutting the state road to Oropa along the gravel pits (2nd refreshment point) until they reach the old tramway paving that connected Biella to Oropa. About 2.5 km will be covered on ballast, crossing the characteristic tunnel and the numerous bridges (the arched bridge near the slope of the Vecchia is very beautiful) surrounded by beech and pine trees until you reach the old thermal baths, now in ruins, of Oropa Bagni (3rd refreshment point). After a short flat stretch, take the path on the left that leads to the climbing wall (km 13). This stretch is one of the steepest of the race. At the end of this climb, you get out on the asphalt road of Tracciolino to follow for about 2 km until the 4th refreshment post near the cemetery of Oropa and then take the path that leads to the Paradise Chapel. From here, there is a slight descent to the cable car forecourt where the intermediate time of each competitor is recorded. At this point, there are 8 km and 1200 metres of difference in height to cover, following the Oropa stream near the botanical garden, the Pisse path at the entrance to which the 5th refreshment point is located. Then up to the cable car station (refreshment point no. 6) passing by the Rosazza refuge. At this point a last, great, effort to climb the path that leads from the Mucrone lake station up to the summit of Monte Camino (2390 m). There are about 4 km with a little less than 600 m of elevation gain entirely on the path between the green of the mountain rhododendrons and the grey of the rock up to the Renata hut passing through the ruined alpine pasture of Gendarme, 7th and last rest area. Then, finally, the finish line at the foot of the church of the Alpini. The race is dedicated to the memory of Marco and Paolo Cavagnetto.

Location: Biella, Oropa (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Means of transport: On foot

Length(km): 22

Uphill height difference(m): 2000

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