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The itinerary starts from Zuccaro with the route characterised by a history of religious devotion towards the Madonna della Neve (signpost G3), and develops along the educational path of the Comunità Montana Valsessera on the hydrographic left of the stream as far as the Cavallero Sanctuary located at the confluence of the Rio Cavallero and the Sessera. Past the Sanctuary, you will come across the buildings of the hydroelectric power station, built at the beginning of the 20th century, to supply energy to the Bozzalla&Lesna Company, by conveying water in a conduit excavated in the rock. Continuing parallel to the Sessera, among hazelnut and chestnut trees, you will reach the bridge over the Ardeccia stream and the Carecca chapel from which you enjoy a panoramic view of Valsessera. Entering the beech wood, you reach Alpe Col Meula where you meet the deviation for the Piancone dam. Here you continue along path G3 until you reach Alpe Campetti and meet path G1; take the latter southwards, in the direction of the bivouacs of Baite Cascinetta and Ranzola.

When you reach Cappella Foscale, continue following the G1 signpost up to the Casa della Forestale (there is always a bar open at the back) in Ciota. Going down to Rio Cavallero and beyond, you reach the Croso plain, walk along the edge of the pine forest, arriving at the little church of Le Piane. Following trail G4, which climbs the ridge of Monte Gemevola to the junction with trail G4A, the route continues almost level in an easterly direction to the "Balma", a characteristic and enormous concave boulder used by shepherds as a temporary shelter.

After a short downhill stretch, the trail climbs slightly to a clearing among the fir trees and then descends to the Bocchetta di Noveis at the "Le Volpi" alpine pasture, once the site of a silver fox breeding farm whose terracing for the cages is still visible.

Route to be enhanced with funds from the RDP 2007-2013, Measure 313, Action1

Location: Caprile, Coggiola (Zegna Oasis and Sessera Valley)

Means of transport: On foot

Difficulty: Medium

Length(km): 14.69

Uphill height difference(m): 1733

Travel time: 7 hours 35 minutes

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