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Follow path F1 back to Colle del Manzo (2337 m) where, following path F5, you will quickly lose height until you reach an esplanade dotted with erratic boulders followed by a large scree slope. After a steep descent towards the small lakes from which the Sessera torrent originates, and another small scree slope, a short flat stretch leads to the ruins of Alpe Laghetti (2075 m); with a moderate slope, you then reach Bocchetta Balme delle Basse (1902 m).
Abandoning the F5 signpost, follow F23 and now enter the Sette Fontane valley, rapidly losing height until you reach a depression; proceed on the flat until you come to the Alpe Cusogna valley (1459 m), at the edge of a relict forest of silver firs, which you reach with a steep descent.

From here, alternatively, you can deviate onto the F12 to descend to Alpe Gorei and take the F14b path that leads to Alpe Lavojo (1369 m): along this stretch is the Dolca waterfall that you meet by making small diversions, signposted, from the path. From Alpe Lavojo continue until the junction with F14c through which you reach path F6 that leads to Alpe Peccia (1368 m), a support point owned by the municipality of Pettinengo.

A worthwhile diversion is the one that, from the crossing of the Dolca stream, continues along path F14b and reaches Alpe Carnera, characterised by its hypogeum huts.

Route to be enhanced with funds from the RDP 2007-2013, Measure 313, Action1

Location: Pettinengo, Bioglio, Valle San Nicolao (Brich di Zumaglia and Biellese Hill) - Piedicavallo (Cervo Valley)

Means of transport: On foot

Difficulty: Expert

Length(km): 11.88

Uphill height difference(m): 80

Travel time: 3 hours 15 minutes

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