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Leaving Alpe Fontanamora, the path F2a joins path G9 along which, with continual ups and downs, the entire watershed ridge is covered with a panoramic route that goes around the modest elevations of Cima della Bondala and Bondala della Mora. After a steep descent, ignore the path to the right for Alpe Campo, continuing along the ridge to then regain height and reach Cima di Foggia. Continuing on, you reach the pastureland of Masunchio Superiore, now completely overgrown with ferns, and, following the ridge, you enter the wood and then descend to the ruins of Alpe Barbero and then to the dirt road not far from Ponte della Babbiera. At this point, follow signpost F2 to climb to Bocchetta di Stavello. From Stavello (1206 m), take path L5 up the slope towards the church of S. Bernardo until it joins the mule track (signpost L4) that climbs from the Panoramica Zegna and leads to the Sanctuary. In front of the short flight of steps, take path F3 that descends with tight turns to the Colletto di S. Bernardo (1333 m), where the path enters a coniferous forest and quickly climbs the slope until it reaches a small repeater right at the top of Mount Rubello.
The grassy path becomes very panoramic and continues with a practically flat course towards M. Massaro (or Prapian, not accessible because it is a military zone). After a short descent you reach Bocchetta di Margosio (1332 m) and then continue until you reach Bocchetto Luvera (1293 m), Poggio Canaione, Bocchetta d'Argimonia. From here, you have to overcome a challenging stretch of rock, with the help of long fixed rope sections, and you reach the Rocca d'Argimonia (1613 m) where a spectacular view allows you to embrace the entire territory of Alta Valsessera, the Ligurian Apennines, up to Monviso.
The descent is short but steep as far as the saddle that leads to a small chapel beyond which the route does not present any particular difficulty. It passes to the right of a large repeater and then climbs up the ridge until it reaches the area of the ski slopes of Bielmonte and Bocchetto Sessera.
Route to be enhanced with funds from the RDP 2007-2013, Measure 313, Action1

Location: Portula, Trivero (Zegna Oasis and Sessera Valley) - Callabiana, Mosso (Mosso Valley)

Means of transport: On foot

Difficulty: Expert

Length(km): 19.3

Uphill height difference(m): 1275

Travel time: 9 hours

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