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The "Oasi Zegna" is a project financed and created by the ‘Ermenegildo Zegna Group' for the environmental conservation of a mountain area of about 100 square Km. located in the north eastern part of the Biella province. The panoramic road which crosses the "Oasi" is known as the "Panoramica Zegna".
This project started 10 years ago and works for the protection and conservation of the delicate Alpine environment. It also tries to stimulate the interest of the younger members of our society with various educational and sports activities which are organised throughout the year.
A variety of paths start from the ‘Panoramica Zegna' road. They all differ in level of difficulty and natural points of interest.
This network of trails is known as the ‘territorio parlante' (the talking territory) because of its excellent system of signposts and information boards which are positioned along the paths. These signs and boards give the visitor historical, natural and anthropologic information of this spectacular area.
There are also three panoramic Mountain Bike trails that can satisfy the needs of all bikers, from beginners to experts.
These routes are all located at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,500 m.a.s.l. and are easy to follow , thanks to a system of coloured arrows which show the way and the distance travelled.
Accommodation, Restaurants and Bars are also found near the trails at Bielmonte and Bocchetto Sessera.
These MTB trails are also open to horse riders and walkers.

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