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Outlets and factory stores in Biella... you can't find anything better..

Biella is internationally known for its production of high quality wools and yarns, so business is taken very seriously here. Well equipped hotels and top quality conference centers are widely available for meetings and conventions that are set in a historical-environmental context of great importance. And shopping? More than 50 outlet stores are found alongside Europe's most prestigious textile companies. Here quality and good prices come hand in hand; what could be a better souvenir from Biella than a cashmere coat or a beautiful piece of fabric purchased at factory price?

40 results

Mongrando (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

F.lli Graziano fu Severino

Household linen, bed linen, table cloths, linen and cotton towels, interior decoration,  embroidery canvas for cross stitch (Aida)

Gaglianico (Baraggia and Plain)

Angelico Outlet

Clothing for men and women

Cossato (Baraggia and Plain)

Maglificio Ren

Knitting yarns, men's and women's clothing

Trivero (Zegna Oasis and Sessera Valley)

Punto Vendita Ermenegildo Zegna

Men clothing: suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, knitwear, sportswear, ties, accessories.

Massazza (Baraggia and Plain)

Marmaglia Maglierie Babyline

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Maglieria Zumaglia

Knitwear in high quality yarn, clothing for men and women.

Borriana (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)


Knitwear, newborn, clothing and knitwear for child 0-16 yrs old.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Rial snc

Yarn shop: for knitting, costume jewelry, underwear, haberdashery, home goods.

Valdengo (Brich di Zumaglia and Biellese Hill)

Pella Sportwear

Custom high tech bike wear fine and pure made in Italy since 1980

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Un Mondo di Maglia

Biella's fabrics, knitwear, shirts, skirts, trousers, textile.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Tiflet "Su Misura"

Tailor made clothing for men and women, knitwear.

Valdengo (Brich di Zumaglia and Biellese Hill)


High quality curtains and home linen embroidered, curtain sliders, stick curtains. Possibility to home delivery and installation.

Lanificio Luigi Colombo

Textile, clothing, knitwear.

Lanificio Ing. Loro Piana e C.

Clothing for man, woman and child, textile and household linen

Valdengo (Brich di Zumaglia and Biellese Hill)


Knitwear and  underwear.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)


Underwear, knitwear, pyjama, knitwear for  newborn.

Camburzano (Elvo Valley)

Lanificio Cesare Gatti

Clothing for  men and women , textile and accessories

Cossato (Baraggia and Plain)

Filatura Lacfimi

Women's and men's knitwear, cashmere accessories

Tollegno (Cervo Valley)

Filatura di Tollegno

Yarn, knitting yarn, textile, knit wear, Ragno pyjamas and underwear,  coats and general clothing.

Ponderano (Baraggia and Plain)


Textile, linen, underwear, clothing man, woman and child , accessories, stationery, footwear, cosmetics.

Sagliano Micca (Cervo Valley)

Cappellificio Cervo

Felt and straw hats, caps, scarves, umbrellas.

Vigliano Biellese (Brich di Zumaglia and Biellese Hill)

Alyki di Luisa De Palma

Production and retail point for knitwear and accessories in cashmere and prestigious fibers  for men and women.

Verrone (Baraggia and Plain)


Fred Perry sportswear men - women-child, Gant sportswear men - child ,  technical wear

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Luca Simonetti Cashmere

Ben Alder Scotland

Ponderano (Baraggia and Plain)

Cachemire Italia

Strona (Eastern Biellese and Rive Rosse)

La Villa del Cachemere

Clothing for man and woman in cashmere.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Luciano Barbera

Clothing for men and women, prestigious textile.

Pollone (Elvo Valley)


Knitwear and accessories in cashmere.

Mongrando (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

Tessitura Sasso Mario & C.

Linen textile, yarn, cotton, home linen , tailor made, hotel, nursing homes supplies.

Mongrando (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

Siletti 95

Linen, cotton textile, home linen, tablecloths, bed linen, bedspreads, towels.

Sandigliano (Baraggia and Plain)


Patterned and classical fabrics, knitting yarn, hand made and machine knitwear.

Mottalciata (Baraggia and Plain)


Clothing for man, woman and child, underwear and sports accessories, golf clothing

Verrone (Baraggia and Plain)

Modesto Bertotto

High quality textile of own manufacture, clothing collection for men and women with sport and tailor made clothes and accessory.

Cossato (Baraggia and Plain)

Bottega Verde, Modafil, Nay Oleari

Textile, linen, underwear, clothing for man, woman and child, accessories, stationery, cosmetics.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Centro Tessuti Lanificio Tessilstrona

Extra-fine, 100% wool fabrics, silk, viscose, cotton, yarns, foulards, scarfs,ties

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti

Classical clothing for men and women manufactured with the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti's textile, leisure wear (coats, knitwear, shirts) accessories (ties,belts, footwear).

Pollone (Elvo Valley)

F.lli Piacenza

High quality clothing for men and women, textile, knitwear , specialised in pure cashmere.

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

Mister Nic

Cossato (Baraggia and Plain)

Lanificio Tessilstrona

Extra-fine 100% wool fabrics, silk, viscose, cotton, yarns, foulards, scarfs, ties

Biella (Biella and Oropa Valley)

FILRUS - Confezioni Rossi 1962

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