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Veglio Bungee Center

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The 1st Italian permanent Bungee Center, active since 1995, is located 15 kms from Biella, 90 kms from Turin and 100 kms from Milan, in the Veglio-Mosso area.

Open every year on weekends from April to October, it is located on the viaduct called "Colossus" for its size: 152 meters high by 350 meters long.
For height of the jump, team professionalism and the splendid landscape in the Biellese Alps, the Bungee Center attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year from all over the world. It is considered it a true cult place. A place exploited also by film and television productions. For example it was chosen by the BBC for an episode of a famous documentary series.

The surrounding area offers small accommodation facilities that can host jumpers who come from far away. Inns, guest houses, small family hotels located a few kilometers away offer excellent hospitality at very low prices. Leisure opportunities in the area are completed by one of the largest Italian Adventure Parks (, right next to the viaduct, with 90 platforms suspended among the trees, for a day full of emotions and fun in the air open.

Location: Veglio (Mosso Valley)

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