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The acrobatic routes set up in the woods are now an estalished reality. Not only fun, but also a way to get to know the Alpine environment in the severity and fragility of its habitats. The routes consist of a succession of platforms installed at various heights that you can reach completely on your own and, by using harnesses, move safely, under the supervision of the instructors. Through a series of adventurous passages and suspended games, that differ from each other in the level of difficulty, you can move from one tree to another.  Balance, spirit of adventure, desire to put yourself to the test, coordination and strength, are the indispensable qualities to win the challenge. You can walk through branches, you can cross Tibetan bridges, you can slide with pulleys to the ground. You can live a unique and unrepeatable experience where nothing is artificial: only you and nature.

Located behind the Sanctuary, the forest acrobatic park offers 6 routes of varying difficulty:

Yellow route (Nest protection system) It runs at a height of 1.00 / 1.50 m and includes 7 activities in 6 playhouses.

Green route (Easy) It runs at a height of 1.80 / 2 m and includes 6 platforms and activities: ladder for access, barrels, feet, sack, trims, stubs, cableway.

Green route + (Easy) It develops about 3 / 3.50 m from the ground. It includes 6 platforms and activities: ladder for access, vertical pegs, discs, Tibetan bridge trunks, hunter, beams with sockets, cableway.
Blue Route (Medium difficulty) With an average height of 4/8 m above the ground. It includes 8 platforms and activities: access ladder, distant structures, Tibetan bridge, lianas, obstacles, 3 cables, vertical network, cableway.
Red Route  (Difficult) With an average height of 9/12 m from the ground. It includes 5 platforms and activities: bird ladder access, side swings, rodeo, stirrups, cableway flying saucers.
Eagle Route (Difficult) Exciting 170m long cableway that runs through the whole Adventure Park!


Tel: 334 881 5839

Location: Oropa (Biella and Oropa Valley)

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