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Veglio Adventure Park

About an hour from Milan and Turin, 15 km from Biella, Veglio Adventure Park is surrounded by the fantastic setting of the Biella Alps, very close to Zegna Oasis, a famous naturalistic oasis.

The Park is the main adventure and outdoor attraction of the Biellese. Since 2005 it has been one of the first facilities of this kind in Italy for its history and size. Every year it welcomes visitors from all over Piedmont. Summer centers and schools like to come here where young people can discover the pleasure of doing physical exercise in a natural context. Learning to manage their limits while always remaining in conditions of maximum safety.

Veglio Adventure Park was built and managed by a company from Biella which has made more than 25 similar facilities. Today it consists of over 90 equipped passages divided into 6 paths with suspended platforms, walkways, Tibetan bridges, cableways, stairs and an Up2Tree installation, an exclusive system transforming a tree into a real climbing wall.

Every year it undergoes strict regulatory safety checks that make it a real highlight of tourism in the area and beyond. The Park guarantees fun and excitement for all ages, starting from 3 years! All routes are carried out under the supervision of a specifically trained team, wearing PPE safety equipment, consisting of harness, carabiners, pulley and helmet.

Divided between the "Bimbi Camp" area (for children between 3 and 6 years of age), the Junior area (for children between 110 and 140 cm in height) and the Top area (for youths and adults), the routes provide suitable steps of increasing difficulty for all ages.
The most difficult route, the Red one, is reserved for people at least 14 years old looking for a bit more extreme and physically performing experiences.

Finally, since 1995, the more adventurous can have a go at the first Italian Bungee Center (, located near the Park. There you can challenge your courage by jumping from the Colossus, the well-known 152 meters bridge.


Location: Veglio (Mosso Valley)

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