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Start: Sanctuary of Graglia (810 m)
Finish: Torrazzo (640 m) 
GtB legs: 4-7
Passing through: Netro (650 m), Donato (700 m), Scalveis (715 m)
Length: 15.9 km
Ascents and descents: 410 m (climb), 590 m (descent)
Time required: 6 hours
Difficulty: E - (Average)
CommentsThe first part of the itinerary passes through a succession of woods and meadows, past the occasional farmhouse, and gives fine views down onto the plain. Once past Donato the landscape  alters radically and you enter the thick woods of the Serra, the longest glacial moraine in Europe.  

From the Sanctuary of Graglia, pass through the village of Campiglie and admire the views along the stretch before you enter the wood. Cross a small bridge over the Rio Ara, then continue on a path that passes over the paved road that leads to Netro. After about 1 kilometre, but before arriving in the village, take a steep cart-track upwards on the right towards Regione Canagge, follow it along the hillside, then go down following a paved road. Take a right turn towards Ceresito and walk through meadows and farmhouses before re-entering woodland and passing through the village of Casale. Next, you take a steep muletrack upwards to reach, first, a paved road, then a dirt road that leads to Donato. Head out of the village on Via Martiri, then take a cobbled road that goes down to Mulino where you cross the Viona Torrent and enter a thick wood. This is crossed by a cart-track that runs as far as the road between Sala Biellese and Andrate. After walking south for a while by Lake Cossavella, turn right along the firebreak and follow this for several hundred metres before taking a cart-track on the left. Follow this for a couple of kilometres until you reach Torrazzo.

4 results

Graglia, Netro (Elvo Valley)

GTB Tappa 4: Santuario di Graglia - Netro

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 3.72

Uphill height difference(m): 10

Travel time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Donato, Netro (Elvo Valley)

GTB Tappa 5: Netro - Donato

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 6.3

Uphill height difference(m): 306

Travel time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Donato (Elvo Valley)

GTB Tappa 6: Donato - Scalveis (Chiaverano)

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 2.34

Uphill height difference(m): 80

Travel time: 45 minutes

Sala Biellese, Torrazzo (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

GTB Tappa 7: Scalveis (Chiaverano) - Torrazzo

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 3.57

Uphill height difference(m): 15

Travel time: 1 hour

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