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Over 100 years of fabrics and style

An integral part of the Zegna Foundation, Casa Zegna is the historical archive and cultural hub of the entire Zegna Group. Inaugurated in 2007 in the 1930s building that was the family home, next to the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill, it offers a rich programme of exhibitions, events and workshops for families all year round.

The visit allows you to discover the history of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, which has its roots in 1910, in an extraordinary setting that combines the factory with the surrounding mountain environment.

The permanent exhibition "From Sheep to Shop" recounts over 100 years of a family business built by four generations committed to the vision and ideals of the founder: quality, continuous innovation, social and environmental responsibility. Great photographers tell the origins of the Wool Mill, the origin of garment making, the evolution of the brand, the Panoramica Zegna and Zegna Oasis projects through documents, historical pieces, natural fibres, fabrics, historical garments and images. 

The Casa Zegna archive collects and preserves the history of the Zegna Group from its foundation to the present day: 1,000 linear metres of paper documents, 30,000 fabric samples, thousands of advertising objects, films and architectural plates make up an extraordinary heritage that is still a source of inspiration for the Zegna Group's designers, artists, researchers and others.

Entrance fee

For information on the opening of Casa Zegna and the Archive, please visit the website.

Location: Trivero (Zegna Oasis and Sessera Valley)

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