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Via Francigena
and spiritual hikes

Outstanding landscapes for unforgettable spiritual experiences

A thick network of hiking trails crosses the Biella area, offering the possibility of creating themed itineraries, such as those related to spirituality. Thus the Via Francigena, which winds south of the province of Biella, is linked to the Strada dei Santuari, a mountain itinerary that reaches Graglia, Oropa and San Giovanni d'Andorno in a system of considerable artistic and landscape value.

The route of the Via Francigena in Piedmont, 650 km of total route, currently involves 5 provinces (Turin, Vercelli, Biella, Asti and Alessandria) and 107 municipalities, 4 natural parks and is promoted through 1 official website and 4 paper maps. Traveling along the Via Francigena today, with the slow and natural rhythm of the wayfarer, is a call to discover itineraries that are often "minor" but rich in history and traditions.

The province of Biella hosts two stages of the routeIvrea-Viverone and Viverone-Santhià.

The first stage Ivrea-Viverone winds through the countryside and then rises among the hills giving beautiful views of the valley and Lake Viverone.

Time required: 5 hours 20 minutes for 18.3 kilometers.

The second stage Viverone-Santhià, in addition to a romantic walk on the lake, continues towards a suggestive wooded area and then crosses the hilly belt up to Santhià in the agricultural plain.

Time Required: 4 hours 10 minutes for 14.75 kilometers.

Other devotional itineraries cross the Biella area, such as the Cammino di San Carlo, across the Sacri Monti of Northern Piedmont, included in the European circuit CoEur , the Cammino di Oropa , from Santhià to the Oropa Sanctuary across Lake Viverone and the morainic hill of the Serra; the Cammino Eusebiano, which from Vercelli reaches Oropa and Crea, the Cammino della Gran Madre , which links the Biellese churches dedicated to a Black Madonna.

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