Cycling: The stone Valley and the Zegna Oasis

The effort of climbing begins in Biella and ends at the entrance of the Oasi Zegna at Bielmonte, a famous natural reserve. It is compensated for by the marvellous mountain scenery which opens up on the Valle Cervo on one side and Valle Sessera and Monte Rosa on the other.

Km. Place Information
0,0 Biella – Start in  Via Lamarmora on the opposite side of the road from the Tourist information office (ATL), Direction East
After 1.9 km roundabout, follow sign for Tollegno – remain on left bank of river.
Recommended parking place: Biella Station.
- Area Camper with water supply and sewage disposal.
0,3 Towards  Andorno.  
1,9 Follow for  Tollegno.  
2,6 Tollegno  
4,0 Towards Andorno.  
5,8 Andorno towards Piedicavallo.  
16,6 Campiglia - Right for Bielmonte Fountain
18,6 Piaro At Km 20.7 fountain
29,7 Bielmonte - After Km 37.5 dangerous descent. Beautiful panoramic view over the plain.
From parking area 2 at Bielmonte panoramic view over Val Sessera and Monte Rosa group
42,9 Right.  
46,6 Vallemosso - Right towards Mosso. Dangerous crossroad. Fountain.
48,9 Mosso - Right towards Biella.  
52,5 Towards Biella.  
56,6 Pettinengo Splendid balcony overlooking the biellese.
58,6 Towards Biella  
68,4 Biella - arrival Arrival in Via Lamarmora - ATL

Destination: Provincia di Biella - Biella e Valle Oropa - Biella - Pralungo - Valle Cervo - Andorno Micca - Campiglia Cervo - Sagliano Micca - Tavigliano - Tollegno - Valle Di Mosso - Brich di Zumaglia e Collina Biellese - Callabiana - Veglio - Mosso - Trivero - Pettinengo - Ronco Biellese - Zumaglia
Itinerary type: Bicycle
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Path length: 68.4
Time run: 3 hours 50 min.
Difficulty: Bicycle medium