MTB through Donato: Donato-Oropa Itinerary

Donato - Oropa

This is another interesting tour which takes in a variety of landscapes , from Donato to the Oropa Alpine Sanctuary, along a provincial road called ‘ Tracciolino' that connects Andrate to Oropa. This itinerary is not signposted as it is very easy to follow. There is only one  road, the ‘Tracciolino'. This road is asphalted in parts and for all of its length offers beautiful views and panoramas of the valleys below. To get to the ‘Tracciolino' from Donato simply follow the signs of part of the blue/yellow itineraries. This is quite an easy route , albeit fairly long , but there are some slopes and the distance is  25 Km. Please note that the same distance will have to be covered again if you want to return to Donato.

Destination: Donato - Valle Ingagna - Biella e Valle Oropa - Graglia - Biella - Sordevolo - Valle Elvo
Altitude: 697 m.
Itinerary type: Mountain bike
Means of transport type: Bicycle
Start: Donato
Arrival: Oropa
Path length: 25
Height difference (meters), descent: 800
Time run: 2 hours 30 min.
Difficulty: Mountain bike easy