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GTB Section 14: Piane di Veglio - Quittengo

Start: Piane di Veglio (960 m)
Finish: Quittengo (800 m)
GtB legs: 50-54
Passing through: Falletti (805 m) Tomati (842 m) Oriomosso (1036 m)
Length: 20.2 km
Ascents and descents: 793 m (climb) 953 m (descent)
Time required: 8’10”
Difficulty: E - (Average)
CommentsThis section is a demanding one owing to its length and the continuous rises and falls in the path. But it is attractive for the sequences of open meadows, thick woods and characteristic villages. A short deviation will take you to the Sanctuary of the Mazzucco, built in the seventeenth century. 

From Piane di Veglio the cart-track climbs between mountain huts and beech woods to the “Strada dell’alpe”, an old route taken to move animals up into the mountains for the summer pastures. Take the road downwards to a junction: if you go straight over, you come to the Sanctuary of the Mazzucco, but this would be a diversion because to continue the Itinerary, you have to take the path on the right. Cross the lovely Carcheggio basin to reach the huts of Monduro, then descend to the ford over the Torrent Strona at the edge of the meadow. Climb the right side of the valley up an easy mule-track to the village of Trabbia, then pass through a thick wood. Having passed by Cascina Galletta on a sunny terrace with lovely views, take the forest track that cuts across the south side of Mount Casto. The information panels illustrate the vegetation alongside the carriageable road, which leads to the paved road that climbs to Pratetto. From the “Circolo Arci” in Pratetto, follow the path towards the valley of Rio Marezza, which you cross to reach Falletti. You enter the Cervo Valley on a route that leads to Rio Bogna. Cross this and take the track for Rialmosso. Pass through Tomati and climb towards Oriomosso. Finally, follow the mule-track that descends first to Albertazzi, then to Quittengo.

5 results

Camandona, Veglio (Mosso Valley)

GTB Tappa 50: Piane di Veglio - Sant. Del Mazzucco (Camandona)

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 3.2

Uphill height difference(m): 73

Travel time: 1 hour

Callabiana, Camandona (Mosso Valley)

GTB Tappa 51: Santuario Del Mazzucco (Camandona) - Trabbia (Callabiana)

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 4.1

Uphill height difference(m): 115

Travel time: 2 hours

Callabiana (Mosso Valley) - Tavigliano (Cervo Valley)

GTB Tappa 52: Trabbia (Callabiana) - Pratetto (Tavigliano)

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 5.8

Uphill height difference(m): 217

Travel time: 2 hours

Sagliano Micca, Tavigliano (Cervo Valley)

GTB Tappa 53: Pratetto (Tavigliano) - Falletti (Sagliano)

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 2.02

Uphill height difference(m): 5

Travel time: 45 minutes

Campiglia Cervo, Sagliano Micca (Cervo Valley)

GTB Tappa 54: Falletti (Sagliano) - Quittengo

Itinerary type: GTB itinerary

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 5.06

Uphill height difference(m): 383

Travel time: 2 hours 15 minutes

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