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Walking is the most economical and powerful instrument which we have at our disposal for discovering new places. It means returning to a slow pace and the natural rhythm of our own steps as well as really perceiving and discovering the places we visit.
Through walking, the "C.A.S.B."(Association of Friends of Biella's Pathways) has been involved, since the seventies, in promoting the improvement and listing of the pathway network in the Biella area, carefully marking out the territory and publishing a periodic newsletter called "Sentieri del Biellese" ("Pathways of the Biella area").
With close connections to CAI (Italian Alpine Club), it has, to date, carried out extremely important works, among which are:

  • Creating a register of Biella's pathways, which means registering and attributing to each of them an unequivocal code number which is officially recognised and adopted by mapmakers.
  • Creating signposts on many of the paths, with full respect for any regional laws in force.
  • Collaborating with public Bodies to make them aware of any problems regarding the pathways and obtaining adequate intervention in case of necessity.

The Association proposes the following itineraries which are among the most interesting and most beautiful of them all:

Sostegno – Colle S. Emiliano (M63)
Starting Point: Sostegno (409m)
Arrival Point: Colle S. Emiliano (728m)

Sostegno – Casa del Bosco (M64)
Starting Point: Sostegno (409m)
Arrival Point: Casa del Bosco (349m)

Bocchetta di Stavello – Bocchetto Sessera (F3)
Starting Point: Bocchetta di Stavello (1,206m)
Arrival Point: Bocchetta Sessera (1,382m)

Coggiola – Alpe Campetti (G3)
Starting Point: Coggiola (480m)
Arrival Point: Alpe Campetti (1,263m)

Montesinaro – Cima di Bò (E70 – E74)
Starting Point: Montesinaro (1,036m)
Arrival Point: Cima di Bò (2,556m)

Piedicavallo – Colle della Mologna Grande (E60)
Starting Point: Piedicavallo (1,030m)
Arrival Point: Colle della Mologna Grande (2,364m)

Oropa Sport – Monte Mucrone (D24)
Starting Point: Oropa Sport (1,870m)
Arrival Point: Monte Mucrone (2,333m)

Oropa Sport – Monte Mars (D23)
Starting Point: Oropa Sport (1,870m)
Arrival Point: Monte Mars (2,600m)

Sentiero Oropa (Oropa Path) and Sentiero della Madonna (Path of the Madonna)
Starting Point: S.Giuseppe (450m)
Arrival Point: Oropa Sanctuary (1,145m)

S. Eurosia – Oropa (D4)
Starting Point: S.Eurosia (688m)
Arrival Point: Oropa (1,145m)

Sanctuary of Graglia – Colma di Mombarone (B7)
Starting Point: Sanctuary of Graglia (822m)
Arrival Point: Colma di Mombarone (2,371m)

San Carlo – Bric Paglie (B7)
Starting Point: San Carlo – Graglia (1,028m)
Arrival Point: Bric Paglie (1,859m)

Lago di Prè (Prè Lake) – Broglina (S2)
Starting Point: Lago di Prè – Sala Biellese (690m)
Arrival Point: Broglina – Magnano (517m)

Belvedere – San Secondo (S27)
Starting Point: Belvedere – Zubiena (436m)
Arrival Point: San Secondo – Magnano (478m)

Tavigliano – Trabbia (E93)
Starting Point: Tavigliano (659m)
Arrival Point: Trabbia (Callabiana) (843m)

Diga di Masserano (Masserano Dam) – Monte Localà (M41)
Starting Point: Diga di Masserano (329m)
Arrival Point: Monte Localà (678m)

Candelo Picnic Area – Cascina Bellavista (T2)
Starting Point: Candelo Picnic Area (320m)
Arrival Point: Cascina Bellavista (309m)

Candelo: eco-itinerary
Starting and arrival points: Church of S. Maria Maggiore – Candelo (320m)

Cycle Path of the Vercelli Baragge
Starting Point: Masserano
Arrival Point: Gattinara

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