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Besides being an important pilgrimage route, used in the past by thousands of pilgrims on their journey towards Rome, the "Via Francigena" is also a way of discovering and getting to know the places you pass through, trying out what they have to offer and learning to treasure the innumerable historical, cultural, natural and architectonic marvels on offer.
Two stages of the itinerary are located within our Province, both of them passing through the southern part of the territory.
These are the "Ivrea-Viverone" and the "Viverone-Santhià" stages.

The first stage "Ivrea-Viverone" leads through the countryside and then climbs among the hills to present us with beautiful views of the valleys and of "Viverone" lake.
Required time is 5 hours 20 mins to complete the 18.3km stage.

Besides giving us a romantic, lake-side walk, the second stage leads us on towards a charming, wooded area and from there, crosses the hills and reaches Santhià in the agricultural plain.
Time required to complete the 14.75km stage: 4 hours 10 mins.
Therefore, when with the slow, natural pace of a wayfarer we take the "Via Francigena" today, we are reminded of the value of itineraries which are sometimes considered to be of minor importance but which have, in fact, much to offer as regards history and traditions. 

For further information visit the official website:

2 results

Viverone (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

Via Francigena Tappa: Ivrea - Viverone

Itinerary type: Thematic

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 18.3

Uphill height difference(m): 0

Travel time: 5 hours 20 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Roppolo, Viverone, Cavaglià (Viverone, Serra and Bessa)

Via Francigena Tappa: Viverone - Santhià

Itinerary type: Thematic

Means of transport: On foot

Length (km): 14.75

Uphill height difference(m): 70

Travel time: 4 hours 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

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